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“Art is Medicine”

Rudolph Serrano is a longtime community member of ArtStreet and a patient at AHCH’s medical and dental clinic. He is an activist, artist, community advocate, and one of the most positive people you might ever meet. He...

14 Dec, 2023


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“I am Rust”

Thomas Carney is a long-time community member at Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless. On almost any given day, you can find him at ArtStreet working on his incredible abstract art, or capturing stories with aged fo...

20 Nov, 2023


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She is Albuquerque

She is Albuquerque Your support ensures Women get the care they need. At the intersection, she walks up and down the divider with a plea written with a black marker on a piece of discarded cardboard: “Anything Will He...

14 Aug, 2018