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This was the best year ArtStreet has ever had at the Recycled Heart show at the Harwood Art Center! Art sales for the 2017 Recycled Heart Opening totaled $1,334 in just two hours! The fantastic art and wonderful installation attracted over 350 people on opening night.

See the coverage of the Recycled Heart show 2017:

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Bringing the injustice of poverty and homelessness together, Recycled Heart is an exhibit, like all ArtStreet shows, that captures the diverse, distinct, and highly individual response of our artists to community-chosen themes.

ArtStreet artists channel the potential within themselves and within discarded objects to create something new. They quickly learn to see media in a fresh way, enabling them to transform raw materials into works of art. Their portfolios highlight themes of re-purposing and offering alternative perspective, much like those who are impoverished or living on the street must do with many materials and situations.


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