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Every HERO has a Story

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On June 21, the Summer Solstice, the first day of summer and longest day of the year, several cities including Albuquerque have begun to celebrate those who have overcome homelessness, and to affirm that we can end homelessness for everyone. At AHCH, we build our annual summer campaign around the Summer Solstice to reinforce how important quality health care is to help people overcome, exit and avoid future homelessness. Today, I’d like to share the impact of the AHCH outreach program with you. Outreach is all about engaging with people on the streets, building relationships, helping them navigate into services, and then actually providing those services to them. Will you consider a gift to the Summer Campaign? Every gift matters. We can only do this because of you. Thank you! Your past support has made a tremendous difference to Tina*, struggling with opiate misuse. She’s been on the streets of Albuquerque for a while now. She used to stay in tents in various locations throughout the city with her little dog, but he died and she’s all alone! Tina is independent. She doesn’t think she needs anybody, but fortunately, you made it possible for AHCH outreach teams to start engaging with her. She completed a housing assessment with an AHCH Housing Navigator and she exchanges and accepts clean syringes from an AHCH Nurse. Tina is missing most of her teeth. She has abscesses that require medical attention, but she continues to live on the streets. Slowly but surely though, after many months of consistent engagement with AHCH outreach teams, she is more trusting to receive help. Just a few weeks ago, we heard that Tina is considered a high priority in the city’s Coordinated Entry System for housing, because of her medical and mental illnesses. The AHCH team who most connected with her immediately started looking for her to give her the good news, but we couldn’t find her anywhere. We did hear from another client where she’d hidden some of her stuff, so we left our card there along with some water, socks and a hygiene kit. Eventually, your support made it possible for Tina to find us. From there we got her into the local domestic violence shelter until she found an apartment of her own with the housing voucher she now has. Thank you again. Because of your past generosity and belief, Tina is off the streets and safe. We were able to help her with the services needed for her survival. Together, you and I must be there for others like Tina every day. Will you consider a gift to the Summer Campaign? Every gift matters. Choose the amount that feels good for you and we’ll take care of the rest.  You can be a hero today! AHCH is unique. We address the unmet needs of people who are homeless and extremely vulnerable. In addition to collaborations with partners and referral sources, a very active outreach program is one fundamental characteristic that distinguishes us. With your donation, individuals with traumatic experiences, those living on the streets, those without a home like Tina will receive the health care and other services that help people overcome, exit, and avoid future homelessness. Every gift matters. Your gift in any amount makes a difference and helps us provide the programs and services needed. Your support will help expand our outreach and work in the community. Your gifts mean helping more people, fixing more problems, and an immediate step on the path from street to housing for thousands of people like Tina every year. And some get help for the very first time. Your gift will help expand access to health care and programs. Your gifts mean helping more people, fixing more problems, and an immediate step on the path from street to housing for thousands of people. Will you touch a life with a gift to the Summer Campaign today?

Thank you! Your giving is heroic. You are the change.

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