First Day of Winter Virtual Celebration

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First Day of Winter 2020 Virtual Celebration


We can't wait to “see” you at tonight’s’ First Day of Winter 2020 Campaign celebration! While this is a new virtual experience the sentiment of celebrating as a group of dedicated fundraisers remains. Please join us to congratulate yourself and your peers for a job done exceedingly well.

At 6:00PM, please click the image below to view a First Day of Winter Campaign Wrap video.

Once you view this video, click the link at the bottom of the page to enter the Zoom “Virtual Party Room.”

Be sure to have your AHCH Gratitude Bag handy for the celebration!


 *Do not click on the Zoom link at the end of the YouTube video. Thank you.

Zoom Pass Code: 354128


🎉 Let's celebrate! 🎊


Tools To Gather To Participate In The Cookie Decorating Activity


Step 1: Pull your box of cookies out of the gratitude gift bag. Lay out your goodies in front of you. Please do not open anything yet, especially the purple frosting.

Step 2: Grab the frosting. Open gently. Open sprinkles. Carefully. Open the end of the icing. Ready your wooden spreader.

Step 3: Guiding Question: Use Your Cookie Decorating Materials To Express Your Gratitude

Step 4: Decorate! Be creative!

Step 5: Tell us about your gratitude. Napoli Coffee Gift Cards courtesy of St. Johns United Methodist Church Music Ministry


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