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Yep, we’re celebrating #EthicsAwarenessMonth

—because ethics makes business, philanthropy and fundraising possible. Without ethics, giving doesn’t happen. Fundraising doesn’t happen. Change and impact don’t happen. Thank you to The Chronicle of Philanthropy for reminding us celebrating ethics is just as important. Ethics makes it all possible, and THAT’S worth celebrating.
ICYMI: Check out this video from the 20th Annual NM Ethics in Business Awards Thank you CNM Central New Mexico Community College for producing the video.
Ethics, and its direct relationship to public trust and confidence, makes philanthropy possible. Fundraising is the IMPACT profession—because of ethics. Ethics allows us to partner with supporters to #endhomelessness, and THAT is worth celebrating.

On Wednesday, October 23rd, AHCH will kick off the 2019 First Day of Winter fundraising campaign.

AHCH builds our annual campaign around the First Day of Winter to reinforce how important quality health care is to helping people overcome, exit, and avoid future homelessness. How can you not only just prevent harm, but actually help people experiencing homelessness achieve and flourish in a just and equitable way? Donate to the 2019 First Day of Winter campaign beginning next week. We invite you to learn more about the 2019 Ethics Award winners Mike Silva of Rude Boy Cookies, Silver Leaf Farms, HB Construction and Adriel Orozco of New Mexico Immigrant Law Center  


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