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Below you will find news stories, videos, interviews, and other online content featuring or referencing AHCH. Click on the link to read , view, or hear more.

UPDATED 11/29/2021


REPORT: Health Care for the Homeless Native Americans (National Health Care for the Homeless Council. 2/2004)


LISTEN: Homeless Group Calls For Homes, Not Handcuffs (KUNM. 3/2014)

Violence Against Albuquerque Homeless Commonplace (The Washington Times. 7/2014)


LISTEN: Bernalillo County Fights Capital Outlay Dysfunction ( KUNM. 5/20216)

'It Makes You Human Again': How Albuquerque figured out how to really help its homeless population. And save money in the process. (Politico Magazine. 12/2016)


LISTEN: Who Calls Police? (KUNM. 8/2017)

UNM Students Create Mural at Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless(UNM Fine Arts. 9/2017)

Three Years After Attack, Urban Indian Population Remains Vulnerable  (NM Political Reporter. 11/2017)

LISTEN: APD: Deaths of Three Homeless Men Could Be Linked (KUNM. 12/2017)


LISTEN: Let's Talk Anti-Panhandling Laws  (KUNM. 1/2018)

Medical Director Heard Call to Serve at a Young Age  (Albuquerque Journal. 3/2018)


Doing The Right Thing(Albuquerque Journal. 3/2019)

VIDEO: Hopkins Award for Excellence in Ethical Practice by a Non-Profit Organization”  (YouTube. 6/2019)

ARTS INTERVIEW: Healing Street Trauma Through Art (The Alibi. 7/25-31, 2019)

Group Offers Health Care and More to Homeless People  (Albuquerque Journal. 8/2019)

Offensive Cartoon Demeans Homeless People in Need. ( 12/2019)


COVID-19 Response: Homelessness: Hear From Journalists and Community Workers  (The Sante Fe Reporter. TBD.)

LISTEN: An Art Studio For Albuquerque's Homeless(KUNM. 2/2020)

City's Plan For Monitoring Police Reforms Delayed  (Albuquerque Journal. 2/2020)

"Recycled Heart" at Harwood Art Center  (Santa Fe New Mexican. 2/2020)

Slain Homeless Woman Struggled With Mental Health Issues  (Albuquerque Journal. 2/2020)

‘A homegrown problem’  (Albuquerque Journal. 3/2020)

Exposed And at Risk(Albuquerque Journal. 3/2020)

LISTEN: YNMG & COVID: Homelessness  (KUNM. 3/2020)

City, Shelter Adjusting Ways to Care for the Homeless  (Albuquerque Journal. 3/2020)

Unsheltered Amid The Pandemic: One Man's Experience With Police In ABQ  (KUNM. 4/2020)

LITEN: Advocates Say CABQ Still Destroying Encampments, Against CDC Recommendations (KUNM. 4/2020)

LISTEN: APD: Officers Working To Change Interactions With Homeless People During The Pandemic  (KUNM. 4/2020)

Taking Health Care To The Streets  (Albuquerque Journal. 6/2020)

LISTEN: An Art Studio For Albuquerque's Homeless  (KUNM. 7/2020)

ABQ Reports 17 COVID-19 Cases Homeless Shelter. First known outbreak in city's unhoused population  (Pressreader. 10/2020)

LISTEN: No More Normal: Get Out and Vote (KUNM. 10/2020)

40 Under Forty Anniversary Awards (Albuquerque Business First. 10/2020)

VIDEO: Homeless Health Care Center Launches Campaign To Raise Money for 'isolation backpacks.' (KOB4. 12/2020)


Albuquerque's Vision For Non-Police First Responders Comes Down To Earth(New Mexico In Depth. 1/2021)

Gateway Center Aims to Fill Gap in Health Care For Homeless (Albuquerque Journal. 3/2021)

VIDEO: Albuquerque Business Donates $250,000 Worth of Products To Help Keep People Safe (KOB4. 4/2021).

VIDEO: AHCH Works To Get Stimulus Checks To Homeless Population (KOB4. 4/2021)

LISTEN: No More Normal: A Year In Pandemic Part 2 (KUNM. 4/2021)

That Time Breaking Bad Fans Held A Walter White Funeral(Den of Geek. 4/2021.)

LISTEN: Lets Talk About Changing The Foster Care System (KUNM. 5/2021)

Star Falls From The Albuquerque Sky, But His Spirit Lives On (Albuquerque Journal. 5/2021)

Pitching In: Rotary Grants Go To Groups Serving Basic Needs(Albuquerque Journal. 6/2021)

What's Happening Around New Mexico June 4- Albuquerque, New Mexico (Eminetra. 6/2021)

Poor Access To Menstrual Products in N.M. Creates Health Hazards (Source NM. 9/2021)

Albuquerque's Motel 6 Offers a Snapshot of the City's Housing Crisis (The Paper. 9/2021)

APD Officer and Community Partners Help Father and 4-year Old Son Get a Home (One Albuquerque, POLICE. 10/2021)

Briefcase; Promotions, hires and more...(Albuquerque Journal. 10/06/2021)

In New Mexico, a bold experiment aims to take police out of the equation for mental health calls (The Washington Post. 10/9/2021)

Tiny Homes Village will host tiny gathering (Albuquerque Journal. 11/24/2021)


Legislation to protect tenants passes hurdle (KUNM. 1/16/2022)

Housing gets attention in the Legislature--finally (Santa Fe New Mexican. 2/14/2022)

Bill seeks protection for renters on federal subsidy (Albuquerque Journal. 3/27/2022)

Albuquerque City Council Finance and Government Operations Committee defers housing discrimination ordiance. (KSFR. 4/12/2022)

Albuquerque City Council viotes to ban section 8 discrimination. (Source NM. 6/7/2022)

THURS: Mayor Keller tests positive for COVID, Water company fined for sewage discharge into Rio Grande + More. (6/9/2022)

Address homelessness with compassion, not cruelty (Las Cruses Sun News. 6/12/2022)

OPINION: A Man Was Fatally Show At Coronado Park(Daniella Cressman. 6/15/2022)

LISTEN: Resources for those impacted by COVID-19 (KUNM. 6/18/202)

Mayor Keller signs off on major housing and homelessness investments (CABQ. 6/23/2022)

AHCH in the Media

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