AHCH at NMPBS Round Table Discussion on Addressing Homelessness in Albuquerque

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Last week, AHCH's CEO, Jennifer Metzler, was invited to a Round Table discussion about homelessness in Albuquerque facilitated by KUNM News Director Megan Kamerick for New Mexico in Focus. During the discussion, AHCH stood firmly behind our evidence-based models and theories of change. Throughout the discussion, Jennifer Metzler speaks about how AHCH continues to prioritize integrated health outreach and intensive engagement, creating and strengthening community partnerships, and advocating not just for quick fixes, but for structural solutions that will truly tackle the root causes and end homelessness.

In part one of the round table discussion, Megan asks the special roundtable about the benefits and drawbacks of a big, coordinated effort from City Hall, like the one Ely is leading. In the second half, Megan asks what needs to change to get the solutions conversation away from politics and moving towards people's needs. The episode also features interviews with James Freeman, a person who once lived on the streets of Albuquerque and is now a director at HopeWorks, gives his thoughts on the proposal. He also goes in depth on his experience living homeless. Homeless advocate and attorney Peter Cubra walks us through the constitutional rights of unhoused people and breaks down how a pending U.S. Supreme Court ruling could change the way New Mexico polices them.

To watch the entire episode, click here >> Full Episode | Exploring CABQ’s Plan to Address Homelessness (youtube.com)

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Homelessness continues to grow in New Mexico, and with Summer's scorching temperatures comes a whole new set of heat-related health care risks. Help us meet these evolving needs, increase access to life-saving care, and uplift people to exit homelessness. 


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