Social & Behavioral Health Services




STARS Drop-in Program
Social Transition and Resource Services


Cross-staffed and interdisciplinary teams offer a range of individual and group services throughout the week. Drop-in center offers coffee, food, referrals, and other forms of individual, group, and psychosocial support. The social services team is based at the drop-in office, but works throughout AHCH program sites. The STARS team of professionals provide short-term assessments and long-term case management for people experiencing homelessness who are struggling with severe mental health and/or substance use disorders, as well as other disabilities.




Street, camp, shelter, and other outreach. In order to reach and offer more comprehensive services to most out-of-service individuals, and especially to those struggling with behavioral health disorders, outreach activities incorporate staff from partner organizations.


Counseling and Therapy


A clinical team of licensed counselors is also integrated and available across AHCH programs and offers appropriate counseling and therapy to clients.



Harm Reduction Outreach


Extensive street outreach to targeted populations such as sex workers, intravenous drug users, Native Americans, and women; outreach to motels, shelters, and the county detention center; auricular acupuncture detox; peer educators; HIV/AIDS and other infectious disease prevention and education, including syringe exchange, testing, and referrals.

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