2021 AHCH Year In Review

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AHCH’s belief in human rights and social justice are keys to creating equal access to health care and housing. 

Housing is Health Care and Both are Human Rights

AHCH welcomed back returning clients and staff, many of whom were working remotely working from their homes early to mid-2021. Along with the Resource Center reopening to a limited capacity, ArtStreet also reopened its doors giving Open Studio access for artists. Take a moment to read about ArtStreet's Studio Assistant, Alina (November 2021and how her personal artwork is restoring a recollective justice in healing arts.    AHCH pivoted, again, to meet the rising housing and health care needs of individuals and families who were affected by COVID-19. AHCH, along with New Mexico Department of Health and other partners, began vaccination clinics at Joy Junction, Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, and directly on the streets during outreaches. The AHCH Pharmacy had begun operating the vaccine clinic for people experiencing homelessness who wished to be vaccinated every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Learn more about the AHCH Program Spotlight: AHCH Pharmacy  (Updated November, 2021). By mid-summer, former AHCH Public Benefits Coordinator, Katherine Carpenter initiated an interagency project that got economic impact payments into the hands and pockets of those who qualified for emergency relief funds. Read about the Economic Impact Payment Outreach Project (April 2021). Your Year-End Tax Deduction Information (February 2021). 

The AHCH Dental Clinic continued to see patients in a deconcentrated model—one dentist on shift at any given time to allow for expanded cleaning time and prevent overcrowding of patients and staff. Read more:AHCH Dental Team Improves Oral Health For People Without Homes (February 2021).For over 13 years, AHCH andDelta Dental New Mexico(DDNM) have forged a partnership that centers good dental health and is integral to overall health. In the winter of 2021, we revealed avideo about delivering dental care for people experiencing homelessness. DDNM leveraged thousands of dollars in care to people in need during this ongoing pandemic.  ArtStreet’s new Program Coordinator, Christina Calderon expanded ArtStreet’s vision to increase access to the arts to those least likely to access it while holding a space to build community connections and increase awareness of the issues of homelessness through the art-making process.ReadNew Program Coordinator Excited To Reimagine Social Justice as a Tool for Healing in the Arts(July 2021). People who were hit hardest by the pandemic included people experiencing homelessness, BIPOC, families, refugees, and the undocumented. Our commitment to care for people goes beyond treating the body. Listening and hearing the stories from the people we serve, is an honor and we care for their stories as such. Thank you for the outpouring of hand-written letters, direct messages, and notes. A selected few were shared with our online community and our donors. Don't forget to follow us on social media for updates and news. 

All People Are Worth Celebrating.

We are proud to share that our national partners' legacy has been uplifted and recognized. Following the national election, Bobby Watts, Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council was appointed to the federal administration's task force for the "COVID 19 Health Equity Task Force." We also featured local influencers who were elected to the AHCH Board of Directors. Read more:The new officers of the AHCH Board of Directors (October 2021).  Lastly, our AHCH Employee Spotlight featuredAHCH Behavioral Health Therapist, Ryan Porter(September 2021) whose profile garnered so much positive feedback on social media, we'd like for you to read about Ryan and his former work at AHCH. We wish Ryan all the best in his new endeavors. 

Mobilization Days Brought Our Communities Together

AHCH helped facilitate two virtual events, the annual National Health Center Week (NHCW) and National Rural Health Day (NRHD) both of which worked to bring awareness to the accomplishments and impacts of America's Health Centers.  AHCH is a member of the New Mexico Health Care for the Homeless Caucus which is a strong network of peer support, training, technical assistance, and advocacy. Along with other members of the Caucus, AHCH participated in a virtual event recognizing Health Care for the Homeless Day during NHCW, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the network of community health centers needs of underserved  people despite the challenges the pandemic has created. The New Mexico Health Care for the Homeless Caucus built upon 2020’s collaboration and continued to raise awareness of Community Health Centers who are patient-centered organizations that serve populations with limited access to health care. Read moreHealth Care for the Homeless Day 2021 (August 2021).  Since 1985, the Health Care for the Homeless Model of Care has been delivering high-quality integrated health care and services to improve the health of individuals experiencing homelessness. AHCH collaborates and partners with other organizations and community health centers to help meet our mission to end homelessness. 


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  • Have you ever had tooth pain and no way to address it? What was that like for you?
  • Have you ever missed out on a tax rebate or other financial benefit for which you qualified for? How did that impact you or your life? 
  • Maya Angelou wrote in her bestselling autobiography Why The Caged Bird Sings, she wrote, "Words have power."  What words do you use or even a quote you often recite to bring kindness and happiness to yourself or your community?
  • What AHCH related story had the biggest impact on you in 2021?
We'd love to read your responses to the questions, so please email us.  Seriously we do! Your opinions are important to us.


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