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For 34 years, AHCH has led with a philosophy of care that engages people through outreach and site-based services and is informed by models that are driven by personal choice, dignity, and respect.

Services include medical, dental, behavioral health, and social supports, such as drop-in spaces where people get respite from the streets and linkages to housing and other basic resources as the initial step on the path from street to housing.

One Vision Together. You End Homelessness.

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11 hours ago

Sara Madril Sanchez

This is for a pregnant woman or anyone who just had a baby who can no longer take care of her baby in a hard situation in any town or area I will travel to meet you anyone that needs a loving home we don't do drugs or drink and have never had cyfd called on us are our first priority that would love your baby forever I am no longer able to have my own and would love to have one more baby to share my amazing life with I have 4 advance kids that are above and beyond there acodemic abilities and are in early college making straight A's they are so secure with there selves just wanting to have one more I will help with any transition to make you feel with out a doubt you gave made the right decision plz pm me so I can give you my number to meet up and discuss everything thank you for taking the time to read this hopefully I'm able to help you and make my family complete ❤️ and you can have financial pice of minds you baby would be loved to the end of time message me no judgement for any cercomstance just know you are not alone ...

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The #WorldAIDSDay Candlelight Vigil is tonight. Join the community at the Old Town Gazebo from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM in remembrance to the loved ones lost and stand in solidarity against HIV/AIDS.

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The shortest night of the year, the first official day of winter, is nearly here. In a little over two weeks, we will start the coldest three-month period of the year. For people without shelter, these frigid nights can have a severely negative impact.

From @HopeWorksNM

...Please take a moment to read the blog post below that explains how important dental care and outreach services are to people living on the streets. Blog


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Your donation provides critical services for the most vulnerable populations

Homelessness will make you sick and can kill you.

The statistics are grim. In the City of Albuquerque, a minimum of 1,318 people reported experiencing homelessness on January 23, 2017 per the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness Point-In-Time Count, and per Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless (AHCH) and community best estimates, at least 16,000 persons – approximately 2.3% of Bernalillo County residents – will experience homelessness during the year.

When people experience homelessness

access to adequate health care can mean the difference between getting back on your feet, getting sicker, or even dying.  AHCH believes health care is a human right and that all people are entitled to health care. We serve people in many stages of homelessness including those living in cars or motels, couch surfing, on the street, in shelters and in transitional housing. Having access to a doctor and medical care to take care of chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain, is essential.

For over three decades, Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless (AHCH) has served our community as the only health care organization in Central New Mexico dedicated exclusively to providing services to homeless people. AHCH provides critical services to over 7,000 men, women and children every year. By addressing the health-related causes of homelessness, AHCH makes it possible for people to find solutions to end their homelessness.

many of the people we serve at Health Care for the Homeless are children



Our mission is to provide caring and comprehensive health and integrated supportive services, linking people experiencing homelessness to individual and collective solutions, and to be a leader in implementing innovative service models and a catalyst for solutions to homelessness and uphold a commitment to diversity and equity.


To live in a world that is just and without homelessness.